picture for scoffHow often do you find yourself mocking others and treating them with complete disrespect? Well, this attitude is what is called as scoffing at someone.

Origin: Middle English scof, Scandinavian origin; akin to obsolete Danish skof jest; akin to Old Frisian skof mockery.

Pronunciation :skawf, skof

Meanings of Scoff:

1. To mock at or treat with derision.
2. To show or express derision or scorn.
3. To eat (food) quickly and greedily.
4. An expression of mockery, derision, doubt, or derisive scorn; jeer

Master’s tip to learn Scoff:

Remember those group of “ mean girls “ in school who were always into showoff ( this word somehow sounds like scoff, doesn’t it ? ) . Another thing you’ll remember about them is how everyone in school used to mock them behind their back. So there you have it , remember “scoff” by how you used to mock these “showoff” girls .

Sentence Examples for Scoff:

1. She scoffed three hamburgers and a large order of fries.
2. If you can’t do any better, don’t scoff.
3. Their efforts toward a peaceful settlement are not to be scoffed at.
4. He was a bit taken by surprise at the presentation, collecting his prize whilst still scoffing a chocolate bar.

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