Picture for scrutinizeScrutinize is to look at something very closely or very carefully. Scrutinizing is very different from glancing or gazing. It’s even more than a long, hard look. To scrutinize something, you have to look at it really critically, investigating every nook and cranny. Often things are scrutinized to verify if they’re correct or authentic. This verb is rooted in the Latin word scrutari, which means “to search.”

Pronunciation: skroot-n-ahyz

Meanings of Scrutinize

1. (Verb) to examine in detail with careful or critical attention.
2. (Verb) to conduct a scrutiny.

Master’s Tip to Learn Scrutinize

If you are going to meet your girlfriend/boyfriend, you check (scrutinize) everything from top to bottom if everything is in place and if you are looking good or not like the way your mom probably assesses your outfit before you leave the house for school.

Also if you are a professional and you need to submit a report, you scrutinize every aspect of the report to see if something is left and if it ok to submit it.

Sentence examples for Scrutinize:

1. He scrutinized his likeness in the mirror..
2. She scrutinized his features.
3. Scrutinized to ensure there are no unjustifiable expenses claims being made.
4. Scrutinized from this particular perspective.

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