Picture for ScurrilousWhen one thing after another is going bad for a political party in the country, then the last straw for it can be a scurrilous satire on its condition, which means a satire, which is nothing, but offensive. It is an adjective.

Origin: Its first usage dates back to 1570-80. It has originated from the combination of two words scurrile and ous. Scurrile is an archaic usage for scurrilous and ous is a suffix forming adjectives.

Pronunciation: skur-uh-luhs, skuhr-

Meanings of Scurrilous:

1) An obscenely abusive attack on someone
2) Something characterised by low buffoonery/obscene humour or offensive humour, abusive language or coarse language.

Master’s tip to learn Scurrilous:

Scurrilous can be learnt easily by associating the word with s + curry + less .i.e. the way it is pronounced, scurrilous can be broken in three parts and s can stand for sand and we can say scurrilous as sand is curry less. And it has never been so easy to learn the word scurrilous.

Sentence examples for Scurrilous:

1) In the retrospect, he should have not used such a scurrilous joke for his boss. (Adjective)
2) His behaviour was not only intimidating, but also scurrilous (Obscene and abusive). (Adjective)
3) He was reprimanded for scurrilously created essay that was targeted towards the principal of the school. (Adverb)
4) The scurrilous joke challenged his clean intellect. (Adjective)

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