Picture for sedateSedate means to be calm, but if a doctor sedates you it means you’ve been administered a tranquilizing drug. Most surgeries require some form of sedation, but to be sedate in day-to-day life means composed, quiet, and serene. Not necessarily unconscious.

Pronunciation: si-deyt

Meanings of sedate

1. calm, quiet or composed
2. cause to be calm or quiet , as by administering some drug
3. calm or relieve by means of a sedative
4. dignified and somber in a manner or character and committed to keeping promises.

Sentence examples for sedate

1. Compared to the car fires on Saturday night, the rest of the weekend was fairly sedate.
2. Sedated patients must still be able to communicate with the operator during the nerve block procedure.
3. The children were lying around , very sedate , with no ambition or activity.

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