picture vocabulary for setaceousEver wondered the reason for some people to be absolutely crude, rude and heartless? Well, they must surely take these characteristics from objects with bristles, crude and heartless for anything that comes in the way o the bristles. It is an Adjective.

Its first usage dates back to 1655-65 and has originated from the combination of two words ‘seta’ and ‘aceous’. Seta means a bristle and aceous is a suffix, which means similar to or having the nature of something.

Pronunciation: si-tey-shuhs

The dictionary definitions for setaceous are as follows:
1) Object with bristles/thorns or barbs
2) Similar to bristles/thorns in nature
3) Shaped like bristles

Master tip to learn setaceous:
Setaceous sounds wicked just like its meaning. However, to make it easier, we can associate the word setaceous with delicious in a way, seta is delicious.

Setaceous can be used in following ways:
1) Porcupine is a setaceous animal. (Adjective)
2) She is a setaceous lady, as she never fails to plot against her mother-in-law.
3) My dog’s coat is setaceous due to cold.
4) He steaceously killed her wife on the day of their wedding. (Adverb)

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