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How many of us have made SHODDY assignments for our homework?
I believe, the majority of people would have done so. I did.
Shoddy means something of inferior quality, not up to standard.
Like the chair in the image above, that is certainly shoddy.

If the same shoddy quality is applied to behavior, is believed to act rudely or shabbily.
Cloth made from used clothing is also called shoddy. Obviously, such cloth will be of inferior quality.

The dictionary definitions for SHODDY are as follows:
1. Of poor quality or inferior workmanship: a shoddy bookcase. (adjective)
2. Intentionally rude or inconsiderate; shabby: shoddy behavior. (adjective)
3. Woolen yarn made from scraps or used clothing, with some new wool added. (noun)

Usage Examples for Shoddy:

A quote using the word shoddy: ‘My idea of our civilization is that it is a shoddy, poor thing and full of cruelties, vanities, arrogances, meannesses and hypocrisies’. — Mark Twain

1. Shoddy goods do not last long.
2. Shoddy behavior will never win you friends.

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