Picture for SingularIf something is extraordinary, remarkable, or one of a kind, you can say it is singular. A singular opportunity to sing onstage with a rock star is a remarkable opportunity. In grammar, singular means one, as opposed to plural, which means more than one. But singular’s not always––or singularly––about being unique. Walking through a foggy cemetery might give you a singular feeling––or a feeling that’s odd and peculiar––that ghosts could possibly be real.

Pronunciation: sing-gyuh-ler

Meanings of singular

1. something unusual or odd, strange
2. beyond or deviating from the usual
3. the single of its kind, unique ,distinctive

Sentence examples for singular

1. These people have a somewhat singular taste in the matter of relics.
2. The art piece was singular in its kind.
3. The feeling I experienced on receiving the great honor was a singular one.

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