picture vocabulary for skirmishWe all enter small skirmishes with our siblings and friends. However, these skirmishes sometimes take a wrong turn and might even motivate you to harm each other. So you better watch out for them and watch out for the words you say while in them. What they say always stands true, doesn’t it: a deed once done and a word once said, can never be taken back.

For our purpose, ‘a skirmish once gotten into never quite erases itself’.

Technically, skirmish is a noun and its first usage dates back to 1300-50.

Pronunciation: skur-mish

The dictionary definitions for skirmish are as follows:
1) To enter into a small battle or conflict
2) A small battle between small forces
3) A small conflict or dispute

Master tip to learn skirmish:
Skirmish somehow is similar to the word smirk, which means a grin. While speaking the word skirmish it sounds as if someone is asking another person to smirk.

Skirmish can be used in the following ways:
1) There is a fresh skirmish between the military and the protestors. (Noun)
2) These two people have been skirmishing for two days now. (Verb)
3) They have skirmished to such an extent that I cannot tolerate it anymore. (Verb)

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