Picture for SpuriousSpurious is an adjective and is used for something that is not genuine or whose authenticity is doubtful. Something that is spurious is generally intended to deceive.
The word spurious was first used back in 1598 and has been derived from the Latin word spurius.

Pronunciation: spyoor-ee-uhs

Meanings of Spurious

1. Not having any authenticity
2. Of illegitimate birth; bastard
3. Intended to deceive

Master’s Tip to Learn Spurious

The word spurious rhymes with ‘furious’ and everyone gets furious when they find out something that is spurious and was intended to fool them.

Sentence examples for Spurious:

1.The idea that immigrants are taking away jobs from people who wouldotherwise be doing work always seemed kind of spurious.
2. His claims that he is a descendant of the great founders of our country seem spurious.
3. He was beaten up and imprisoned on spurious charges and isnow in hiding in fear for his life.

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