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The first image that comes to mind with this word is BATMAN, and the way he moves. Quite, deceptive and hard to detect is how one describes his movements. These are the precise parameters that apply to this word; it is the art of such movements.

The dictionary definitions for Stealth are as follows:

1. The act or characteristic of moving with extreme care and quietness, esp so as to avoid detection. (noun)

2.   Cunning or underhand procedure or dealing. (noun)

3.  Archaic the act of stealing. (noun)

Masters Tip to remember Stealth:

Have you ever heard of stealth aircraft? These are special aircraft that use special stealth technology to avoid detection. They fly at super speeds, destroy enemy targets and are hard to catch. And thus, they are our memory tip as well.

Also, remember the movements of a cat: they are stealthy.

Usage Examples for Stealth:

1. He proceeded with stealth as he did not wish to be heard.

2. To be a good thief, one needs to possess the quality and art of stealth.

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