picture vocabulary for steepedNext time you find yourself sitting on the couch, totally engrossed in the movie/sitcom you are watching, well you can say you are steeped in the activity. To be steeped in something is to be dipped like biscuits are in tea, that is to be completely soaked into something.

Pronunciation: steep-duh

The Dictionary Definitions for Steeped are as follows:
1. To lie soaking in a liquid.
2. To wet thoroughly in or with a liquid; drench; saturate.
3. The act or process of steeping or the state of being steeped
4. A liquid in which something is steeped.

Master’s Tip to learn Steeped:
One nugget of wisdom often passed on to us by our parents is that we should be steeped in reality, and not lost in some dream world of our own. Steeped is to be consumed into something, it’s to be absorbed and lost into something. For example, visualize kids having their ice creams. They certainly are fully engrossed in it, that is steeped in it.

Usage Examples for Steeped:
1. He is steeped in his work even on weekends. (verb )
2. They spent a month to get themselves steeped in Chinese culture.(noun)
3. Jerusalem is a city steeped in history.
4. “One person, one vote” is a phrase steeped in history, but it has its limits.”- FOXNews.com

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