Picture for SubstantiateThe word substantiate is a verb and it is used when something is established with proof or evidence. We often hear about people substantiating their claims about what they might have said.
It was first used back in 1656 and has been derived from the Latin word substanti.

Pronunciation: suhb-stan-shee-eyt

Meanings of Substantiate

1. To give substance or form to
2. To establish with credible proof or evidence
3. To strengthen or solidify somothing

Master’s Tip to Learn Substantiate

A part of substantiate sounds like the word ‘substance’ and this is the best way to remember the meaning of substantiate as it becomes easy to relate to, that is adding substance to something.

Sentence examples for Substantiate:

1. He was warned by his attorney that without any proof to substantiate his case it would be very difficult to get a favorable judgment from court.
2. It is time you substantiated on all the promises you made.
3. The President’s trip will substantiate good relations with their country.

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