English is a funny language; so many words can mean the same and yet be spelled differently. Pliant, compliant and supple, all mean the same thing. It is an Adjective and of course, the suppler you are better chances you have surviving in a carrier that require erratic shifts.

Pronunciation: suhpuhl

The dictionary definitions for supple are as follows:
1) Bending readily without any damage
2) Characteristic of a person who can easily bend in body and mind.
3) Mentally adaptable to new situations
4) Changing readily

Master tip to learn supple:
Supple can be easily learnt with the help of a picture of a ballet dancer. The way a ballet dancer moves according to the changing waves of music, yet filling the audience with happiness. Imagery of ballet dancer also shows that changing moves according to changing music can be difficult (pain shows with the dancer on the toes), but with practice it is rewarding.

Supple can also be learnt by relating it to the word, yielding, compliant and pliant, which means readily changing according to situations.

Supple can be used in following ways:
1) That dancer has supple legs, making her perfect in all the styles of dancing. (Used as an Adjective)
2) Suppleness of elastic makes it possible for us to put it in the clothes of all sizes. (Used as a Noun)
3) Soft and supple jelly drops can be used for decorative purposes in house. (Used as an Adjective)
4) Her supple nature makes it possible for her to be successful despite her rigorous work schedule. (Used as an Adjective)

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