As some point of time, we are all inclined to indulge in surly behavior; it is just part of the fact that we are human beings. Surly behavior means being bad tempered and ill-behaved. One is pretty irritable in one’s outlook when one is surly. Try to recall the last time when you behaved so.

Surly carries the following dictionary definitions:
1. Churlishly rude or bad-tempered
2. Unfriendly or hostile; menacingly irritable: a surly old lion.
3. Dark or dismal; menacing; threatening:

Masters tips for Surly:
Two tips to learn this word:

  1. Surly rhymes with curly:-difficult to counter or answer: a curly question. When we encounter CURLY question we become SURLY.
  2. SURLY–SIR{ SUR}++LI-—think of a sir , u will immediate remember some obstinate teacher, a sir who was rude and irritating.


Usage examples for Surly:
1. Restaurants often have surly waiters.
2. In zoos, we get to see surly old lions locked up in cages (the last place on earth they should be in fact).
3. The clouds today make the sky look surly, be prepared for some heavy downpours.

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