Picture for tabooThe society considers some actions or things inappropriate or offensive and the people or whole community may be restricted or forbidden to do that. Such types of activities or customs that are prohibited are called taboo. Some issues like taking drugs, drinking, smoking, talking about sex etc is still considered taboo in many societies.

The word taboo came to use in around 1777 from Tongan tapu or Fijian word ta-bu, which means forbidden, inviolable, cursed or unclean.

Pronunciation: tuh-boo

Meanings of Taboo:

1. Inappropriate, improper or unacceptable by the society
2. A custom or action that restricts or forbids a person, group, thing or a body

Master’s Tip to Learn Taboo:

Anything that is socially not acceptable or a custom, which may be carried out illegally, is considered taboo. For example, having drugs, sex before marriage, consuming alcohol or smoking in public, these issues are taboo as they are not acceptable or may be considered inappropriate by few people but they are still carried out because law may not prohibit them.

Sentence examples for Taboo:

1. A woman smoking in public is still considered a taboo in our country.
2. That controversial show on T.V has become a taboo in the elite society.

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