Picture for TerminateTerminate means to bring to an end or capable of ending. Terminate is derived from Latin terminates.
The word terminate is used to remove someone from a job, The more usual word is fire.

Pronunciation: tur-muh-neyt

Meanings of Terminate:

1. To bring to an end or halt
2. To occur at or form at the end of; conclude or finish
3. To discontinue the employment of; dismiss
4. To have as an end or result

Master’s Tip to Learn Terminate

The easiest way to memorize terminate is term limit. Whenever any employee does not follow certain rules and regulations of his/her organization or slowdown/recession takes place in the economy , he is bound to get terminated from the office due to slow business or on moral grounds.

Sentence examples for Terminate:

1. The branches of that tree terminate in flower clusters.
2. The rail line terminates in Boston.
3. You have to terminate the program before the computer will shut down properly.
4. His contract was terminated last month.
5. He was terminated last month.

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