picture vocabulary for throng

When we say that people were protesting to bring in jan lokpal bill, it means that those many people can be easily referred to as a throng. However throng is both a Noun ( in this case) an d also a verb as you will read on. Its first usage dates back to before 1000.

Pronunciation: thrawng, throng

The dictionary definitions for throng are as follows:
1) As a Noun: Large number of people and things together
2) As a verb: To crowd a place, to bring large number of things or people together.
3) As an Adjective: in addition to being a noun and a verb, throng is also an adjective  in areas like Scotland and North England as an adjective it means, filled with people or things/objects.

Master tip to learn throng:
Throng can be easily learnt by associating the word with thrown. First, it sounds a bit similar. Secondly, if we throw something together in such a way that they crowd a place or an object, those things will throng.

Throng can be used in following ways:
1) Ministers saw an angered throng outside the parliament. (Noun)
2) People thronged the premises of the parliament to protest the failure of law machinery. (Verb)
3) Her mind witnessed a throng of ideas all at once. (Noun)
4) Ideas thronged her mind. (Verb)

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