Picture for TimorousPronunciation: tim-er-uhs

Meanings of Timorous:

1. Full of fear, timid
2. Subject of fear
3. Characterized by or indicating fear

Master’s tip to learn Timorous:

Timorous sounds like the word tumorous. We all know about brain tumor, infection in the brain which could even lead to death. The thought of having brain tumor instills fear in our minds. Timorous can also be related to the word timid which also means fear.

Sentences examples for Timorous:

1. The sound of a lion’s roar at night in the jungle made them timorous (adjective).
2. One could see the timorousness in his eyes before going for war (noun).
3. The society is too timorous to raise their voice against the authorities (adjective).
4. He timorously asked his father’s permission to go out of station with his friends (adverb).
5. If we want change then timorousness should not be instilled in the youth of the nation (noun).

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