Picture for TransientTransient is an adjective used to describe something that is not constant and keeps on changing. like how a teenage girl can have a temporary crush on one boy one week and another boy the next week. The word comes from Latin transire, “to pass over,” so you can think of it as describing things that are quickly passed over. Generally, the word is used in formal contexts such as the analysis of financial matters or terrorism, but also can be used for a person who keeps moving from place to place.

Pronunciation: tran-shuhnt, -zhuhnt, -zee-uhnt

Meanings of transient

1. something not lasting or enduring;transitory
2. remaining in place only for a brief period of time
3. lasting a very short time

Sentence examples for transient:

1. Rise and fall times are strictly controlled to reduce high voltage transients which could damage the laser diode.
2. The lesson of that is that science is too transient a thing for the church to base its theology around it.
3. This area is very transient as most people here just come here during the holiday season, and that too for a few days.

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