picture for tremulousTremors are not only felt at the time of an earthquake, but also at the time of a nervousness attack. And this attack can impact your hands, your legs or your voice. It is an adjective.

Origin: Its first usage dates back to 1611 and has originated from a Latin word Tremulus.

Pronunciation: trem-yuh-luhs

Meanings of Tremulous:

1) Characterized by tremors/trembling that is invoked by nervousness or fear
2) Trembling, shaking
3) Timid/shy or fearful

Master tip to learn tremulous:

Tremulous can be learnt easily by associating it with an earthquake or the dizzy feeling that come in the event of an earthquake. The feeling of dizziness may also come for some in the event of fear or nervousness.

Tremulous & Emulous: Tremulous rhymes with the word emulous, which means seeking to copy someone. These two words should not be confused in any way what so ever.

Sentence Examples for Tremulous:

1) She spoke with a tremulous voice. (Adjective)
2) She spoke tremulously as she was intimidated by her opponents. (Adverb)
3) Tremulousness in her voice persisted as she was left aghast by the cruelty that she witnessed. (Noun)
4) He has been tremulous all his life as he is petrified by anything that is unexpected. (Adjective)

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