Picture for trendTrend is something that shows a tendency to change in a particular direction. It can be used both as a verb and as a noun.
It is believed to have been in use even before 1000 and has been derived from the Swedish word trind.

Pronunciation: trend

Meanings of Trend

1. A general tendency or inclination
2. Current style; vogue
3. The general direction in which something tends to move

Master’s Tip to Learn Trend

Remember how everyone loves to wear trendy clothes and not look outdated or out of place in their social circle. This is when they are trying to change according to changing styles.

Sentence examples for Trend:

1. There is a downward trend in sales and profit margins these days.
2. His trends against hiring more workers is a result of receiving lower profits.
3. The unemployment rate has been trending upward.

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