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What is the job an EDITOR?
Speaking strictly, to edit: that is to shorten text or film that the person is provided.
In other words, his job is to TRUNCATE.

The dictionary definitions for truncate are as follows:
1. To shorten by or as if by cutting off, editing or severing. (verb)
2. Mathematics: To shorten a number by dropping one or more digits after the decimal point. (verb)
3. To replace a corner or the edge of a crystal with a plane face. (verb)

Masters Tip to remember Truncate:
Have a look at this rather nifty piece of logic:
TRUNCATE: TRUNK (of a tree) + CUT (transform CATE to CUT)
Thus, Truncate means to cut the tree trunk, that is to cut it short.

Usage Examples for Truncate:
1. The job of the censor board is to truncate films and remove the objectionable parts.
2. Truth should not be truncated, for you may never know that you miss out the most important piece of information.

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