A person is often unable to decide anything when he/she is in turbid condition. Being an adjective, it can be used to describe your state of mind or the glass of water that has been stirred with a spoon.

Its first known usage dates back to 1626 and has been derived from a Latin word Turbidus, which means turbid.

Pronunciation: tur-bid

The dictionary definitions for turbid are as follows:
1. Not clear because of stirred up sediment. (adjective)
2. Thick or dense, as smoke or clouds. (adjective)
3. Confused, muddled or disturbed state of mind. (adjective)

Master tips to learn Turbid:
Turbid & Turgid: The word turbid can easily be associated with the word turgid, as the difference is just of ‘b’ and ‘g’. Turbid in simple words mean something that is characterised by vagueness or murkiness, on the other hand turgid means something that is characterised by a pompous mannerisms. Both the words can be used to describe a person who is disturbed in case of turbid and a person who maintains a pompous lifestyle in case of turgid.

The word Turbid can be used in following ways:
1. As a result of poor results in exams, Mohan was in a turbid state of mind.
2. Due to turbid smog, people could not see what lied ahead of them.
3. Priyanka maintains a very turbid lifestyle, which fuels controversies in the media on daily basis.

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