Picture for TurbulentGujarat riots were one such turbulence in India that even coming generations will not forget about it. It was carnage as described by the media. Gujarat was in a turbulent state at that time and now too, especially when Gujarat riots are mentioned. It is an adjective.

Origin: Its first usage dates back to 1538 and has its roots in Latin word turbulentus, which has originated from the word turba, which means confusion.

Pronunciation: tur-byuh-luhnt

Meanings for Turbulent:

1) Someone in a disturbed state of mind
2) Something that is characterized by disturbance and unrest .e.g. turbulent waves or turbulent period in time
3) Unruly .i.e. uncontrollable disturbances or uncontrollable crowds

Master’s tip to learn Turbulent:

Turbulent can be easily learnt with the help of two words .i.e. argument and tournament, as these three words sound alike to a large extent. Further, to relate the words more logically, we can say that the argument was the cause of turbulence or argument turned turbulent in no time.

Sentences examples for Turbulent:

1) He was in a turbulent state of mind. (Adjective)
2) 2012 is going to be the most turbulent period in the history of mankind. (Adjective)
3) Turbulent crowd gathered outside the house of the Mayor. (Adjective)
4) The crowd went ahead with the protest turbulently, despite being instructed to not to do so. (Adverb)
5) Turbulence in the crowd could not be pacified. (Noun)
6) Adverse weather dispersed the turbulent crowd. (Adjective)

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