picture vocabulary for unwieldyUnwieldy is an object that is slow moving, because it is difficult to handle because of its size. It is also used in the context of systems that are slow and inefficient. In many organizations, decision making system is too slow because it has to go through various hierarchies. It is often delayed and is less efficient as we compare it with the centralized organizations where decisions are quick and more efficient, and therefore communication is clear. Well, in these organizations, we can refer to the process as ‘unwieldy’.

Pronunciation: uhn-weel-dee

Meanings of Unwieldy

1. Difficult to use or handle or manage because of size or weight or shape
2. Difficult to work or manipulate
3. Lacking grace in movement or posture
4. Difficult to carry or manage because of size, shape, weight, or complexity

Master’s Tip to learn Unwieldy:

Thinks of all the things you have to carry/wield that you never wished to carry. Well, as the picture shows above, all of them were unwieldy.

Sentence Examples for Unwieldy:

1. Now the agency has decided that things were a bit unwieldy and it is reorganizing the seven departments into three divisions.
2. Scholars who are familiar with such citations agree that the current formats remain unwieldy.
3. German spelling does need overhauling: over the decades, it has grown more unwieldy.
4. Unwieldy structure is sustained by three main procedures each of which seems to me highly dubious.

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