Picture for UrbaneUrbane is a word deeply related to its root word: urban. Urban, as we all know, means relating to city or a densely populated region. What are the attributes of people in these regions? These people are sophisticated and suave. This is what urbane exactly means.

Pronunciation- ur-beyn

Meanings of Urbane:

1. Having the polish and suavity
2. Reflecting elegance, sophistication
3. Polite, refined, and often elegant in manner.

Master’s Tip for Urbane:

The word poster for this word is perfect: men and women, all dressed up, prim and proper, are urbane individuals.

Usage Examples for Urbane:

1. The new Tata Nano is a nice urbane car with an extraordinary fuel efficiency rate.
2. Wine tasting is considered an indulgence of the classy and urbane.
3. He could mix well only with the rich and urbane strata of society.

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