To vanquish the opponents is the mandate of the warrior.

Vanquish means to defeat someone or something. This may be a person you defeat in a battle or a competition, or it may be some emotion of yours that you overcome. For the latter, let’s take our favorite example, that of lovers: Lovers need to vanquish the memories of their past love, else they can suffer for a long period of time.

The dictionary definitions for Vanquish are as follows:
1. To defeat or conquer in battle, fight, contest, conflict or competition. (verb)
2. To overcome an emotion. (verb)

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In fact, in this small extract, there are a couple of words worth consideration other than vanquish. The meanings of these words are listed below (kindly try to make sense of them in the given context):
Conceivably: Within the bounds of possibility.
Awe: Feeling of wonder and admiration.

The following is an extract from The Hindu used for educational purposes:  ‘He often quoted to us what his friend, a respected professor of the subject, used to say: “There should be no problem that you encounter in an examination for the first time.” It meant you had to work so hard that you had, conceivably, attempted and vanquished every situation that could find its way into an exam paper. It begs the question: if you did achieve 150 out of 150 in an exam (which my wife very nearly did once, much to my awe), was it because you were extraordinarily intuitive or because you had worked harder than the others, so that you didn’t “encounter any problem in an exam” for the first time?’

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