picture for vapidVapid is a state where a person goes through humdrum and lacks in intelligence. It is a dormant state of mind where mind is not able to produce new ideas, and lives with the same routine, and takes what it comes. Some people lives with the same monotonous routine and very few try to change it and succeed, whereas the former ones are not able to lead a happy life and feel lethargic and enervate throughout the day, whereas the latter one make their surrounding their happy place live.

Pronunciation: vap-id

Meanings of Vapid:

1. Bereft of strength, sharpness, flavor, etc.; flat
2. Boring or dull; lifeless
3. Lacking intelligence or imagination
4. Lacking taste or flavor or tang
5. Lacking significance or liveliness or spirit or zest

picture for vapidMaster tip to learn Vapid:

Some people on job are working on the same work without any job rotation in their life, this basically is prevalent in traditional companies, where they are not allowed to be a part of the strategic decisions, and are suppressed when they try to raise their voice. This is all because the top management of the company resists changing, that ultimately affects the work life of the employee, thus he/she has goes through humdrum.

Usage Examples:
1. Students in general display vapid behavior.
2. I recently saw an interview with her and she came across as very vapid and artificial American.
3. Society is getting used to more and more vapid forms of entertainment.

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