picture vocabulary for vilifyVilify is spreading negative information about others, so that others should follow a bad opinion about that person. People who pass negative information may or may not have negative experiences in the past, or the opinion may form solely on the basis of rumors. You want to defame you enemy simply by spreading negative information or unpleasant things, because you might not have enough courage to speak or face that person directly, making an eye contact, so you indulge in indirectly hurting that person, that is unethical way to fought, but no matter how you do it, everything is fare in love and war.

Pronunciation: vil-uh-fahy

Meanings of Vilify:

1. To speak ill of; defame;slander.
2. Spread negative information about
3. Criticize very harshly

Master Tip to learn Vilify

It’s a common practice across everyone to vilify or defame other people, when we loathe them, because we want that other people to form a same opinion, and start hating that person. Many a times in our life too we have been indulged in defaming others, this is how we outburst our anger and animosity.

Sentence examples for Vilify:

1. Vilify the Irish rebellion by calling it a putsch.
2. You can’t vilify the music companies for seeking to profit from their intellectual property that is just good business practice.
3. Vilify are the most wronged, persecuted and vilified people in the civilized world.
4. Vilified into their degradation by a racist police force, vilified by a racist press and violated, finally, by the true fascists.
5. Vilifiers are often misunderstood and sometimes vilified by the public

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