picture vocabulary for voraciousYou must have heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friends. Being a lover, you may gift her an entire collection of diamonds but still she might demand more. You can say girls are voracious for diamonds. To be voracious is to have boundless greed for something.

Pronunciation:  vaw-rey-shuhs, voh-, vuh

The Dictionary Definitions for Voracious are as follows:
1. Craving or consuming large quantities of food
2. Exceedingly eager or vivid

Master’s Tip to learn Voracious:

If I say we all are paying heavy taxes to a voracious government , you will be able to recognize the use of the word. Voracious can also be remembered whenever for example we visit our favorite eating joints like McD or KFC with friends , we eat our favorite extra cheese burgers, coke, fries, chocolate sundaes but still we don’t get satisfied. We could have them every-day and still not be bored or over with it.

Mnemonic Tip: Ever heard of the term CARNIVORE/HERBIVORE? Carnivores eat flesh and herbivore eat grass etc. Well, just remember ‘vores’ as something that talks about eating. So the meaning of voracious is a derivative from the same.

Usage Examples for Voracious:
1. He was described as a voracious reader who adored classics like “Crime and Punishment” and the Harry Potter series.
2. Native to western North America, the bull trout is widely known as a voracious predator of other fishes.
3. Among economists, Dr. Krueger is known as a voracious data hound, who uses surveys and natural experiments to find empirical results.
4. He is a voracious eater who eats heavy meals throughout the day.

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