Picture for waryWary means to maintain caution or to be watchful. It is an adjective. It is an adjective.
It originated around 1545 and the word of its origin is still unclear and debated among scholars of the language.

Pronunciation: wair-ee

Meanings of Wary

1. On guard; watchful
2. Marked by keen caution

Master’s Tip to Learn Wary

The word ‘Wary’ is pretty easy to remember as it sounds very much like ‘worry’. If someone is worried about something they are always watchful and on guard about everything that happens around them.

Sentence examples for Wary:

1. People should be wary of putting their money into questionable stocks.
2. Great critics are sometimes wary of great authors. Eliot and Pound usually sidled past Shakespeare.
3. However, if this is Quantum Physics, all the more reason to be wary.

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