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Dogs can be really helpful. They can be our best friends and even ward off our enemies. When they do so, they become WATCHDOGS. And the sense of safety they offer translates into figurative sense and is used in language to represent an organization that guards or protects against illegal activity or waste.

The dictionary definitions for watchdog are as follows:

1. A dog trained to guard people or property. (noun)

2. One who serves as a guardian or protector against waste, loss, or illegal practices.  (noun)

3. Organized or functioning as a watchful guardian, especially against illegal or unethical conduct: a watchdog group in the legislature. (adjective)

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Usage Examples for Watchdog:

1. A data privacy watchdog is to be set up in India to oversee the country’s IT industry amidst international concerns about the security of outsourced customer records and data.

2. The British food watchdog is asking fast-food restaurants to add calorie-counts to their menus — and want to adopt a set of “traffic light” labels that indicate dangerously high levels of salt, fat, sugar (or, presumably, eyeball-gnawing maggots, see post below). – http://www.boingboing.net

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