Picture for whetThe word ‘Whet’ is a verb and means to make something; such as, a person’s appetite or curiosity sharper or stronger that is to make something keener or more eager.
‘Whet’ has been in use even before 900 and is believed to have been derived from the Old German word wetzen.

Pronunciation: hwet

Meanings of Whet

1. To make more keen; stimulate
2. Make more acute

Master’s Tip to Learn Whet

The word ‘Whet’ sounds like ‘wet’. Remember how before whetting you knife that is making it sharper you actually have to ‘wet’ it a little or apply some water to it.

Sentence examples for Whet:

1. The butcher started to whet his knife in order to cut the fresh meat.
2. Did you know that you whet his curiosity as you got closer to the climax of the story?
3. The hot weather will whet her thirst for a cool drink.

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