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A person with this phobia will be really scared in hotels in alien cities or countries. However, a person with this phobia would do really well in hostile situations, as he/she would be trained or used to avoid people not known. It is a Noun.

Xenophobia seems to have originated from a Greek word Xeno. X in xeno is pronounced as zeno. This Greek word basically means something foreign, a foreigner (a person not known), alien, strange, stranger and Greeks considered every stranger a guest. Hence, a house for guests or as we call it a hotel today was called xenodocheion/xenodochium.

Pronunciation: zen-uhfoh-bee-uh, zee-nuh

The dictionary definitions for xenophobia are as follows:
An unreasonable fear or hatred of strangers or of something strange/foreign.

Master tip to learn xenophobia:
Everyone in school must have read about a chemical element called xenon. The most distinctive feature of xenon is that it is mostly unreactive, just like a person with xenophobia, unreactive/ not gelling with other people. However, in this case it is due to fear, which eventually becomes a characteristic of a person just like a property of xenon .i.e. unreactive.

Xenophobic can be used in following ways:
1) Xenophobia is a strange phobia to acquire. It would make impossible for anyone to live in a society.(Noun)
2) He is a xenophobic to an extent that he doesn’t come out of the house until the streets are empty. (Adjective)

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