Archeo Root Word

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Definition & Meaning: Archeo Root Word

What does the root word Archeo mean?

The Root word “archaeo” is from Greek word “arkhaios” which means ancient or prehistoric times. In some words “archaeo” also means “primitive, original, and typical”, to exhibit no change of characteristics. This root comes from two words, “archi which means “first, principal, things that are most basic” + “aios: suffix used for adjectives”
For instance,
Archaeology is the study of human history through excavations and by study of human remains.
Archetype: a very typical primitive example of something or somebody.
(arkhe: ‘primitive’ + tupos: ‘a model’)
Example Sentence:
The carvings at sun temple of Konark is an archetype for modern clocks.
The government is working on archaic rules and methods, which is a big obstacle in country’s progress.

Words Based on the Archeo Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Archeo Root Word:

1. Archaic: Belonging to an earlier period
2. Archetype: A very typical primitive example of something or somebody
3. Archaeology: The study of human history through excavation
4. Archaeometry: Application of scientific techniques to the dating of archaeological remains
5. Archaeoastronomy: Investigation of the astronomical knowledge of prehistoric cultures.
6. Archaea: Ancient organisms intermediate between the bacteria and eukaryotes
7. Archaeomagnetism: Fossil magnetism in a rock laid down when it first cooled, which can be used to date it and its surroundings.
8. Archaeopteryx: The oldest known fossil bird.
9. Archive: A place where historical documents are kept
10. Archaism: an old phrase or expression.
11. Archaeozoic: (geology) Period of time determined to exist prior to 2.5 thousand million years ago.

We hope this article on the commonly used Archeo Root Word and it has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the Root Word Archeo and enhance your vocabulary.

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