Basic Daily Reads-75

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Reading Suggestion 1: Understand the mechanics of US innovation ecosystem

Article Source: The Economic Times

Author: Parthsarathi Trivedi

Learn Words from the article

Genesis: A coming into being
Superfluous: Serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being
Incubating: Grow under conditions that promote development
Ubiquitous: Being present everywhere at once
Indigenous: Originating where it is found

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Reading Suggestion 2: A teacher’s tricks and treats

Article Source: The Hindu.

Author: K.R. Srivarahan

Learn Words from the article.

Insomnia: An inability to sleep; chronic sleeplessness
Threshold: The starting point for a new state or experience
Lagophthalmos: Abnormal condition in which an eye cannot close completely
Notorious : Known widely and usually unfavourably
Tongue-tied: Unable to express yourself clearly or fluently

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Reading Suggestion 3: A new Indian century?

Article Source: The Times of India

Author: Sreeram Sundar Chaulia

Learn Words from the article.

Recounting: An act of narration.
Cynics: Someone who is critical of the motives of others.
Flagellation: Beating as a source of erotic or religious stimulation.
Intelligentsia: An educated and intellectual elite.
Riposte: A quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one).

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