CAT 2017 VA-RC Slot-1: Question-25

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QUESTION-25: The passage given below is followed by four summaries. Choose the option that best captures the author’s position.

To me, a “classic” means precisely the opposite of what my predecessors understood: a work is classical by reason of its resistance to contemporaneity and supposed universality, by reason of its capacity to indicate human particularity and difference in that past epoch. The classic is not what tells me about shared humanity—or, more truthfully put, what lets me recognize myself as already present in the past, what nourishes in me the illusion that everything has been like me and has existed only to prepare the way for me. Instead, the classic is what gives access to radically different forms of human consciousness for any given generation of readers, and thereby expands for them the range of possibilities of what it means to be a human being.

A. A classic is able to focus on the contemporary human condition and a unified experience of human consciousness.
B. A classical work seeks to resist particularity and temporal difference even as it focuses on a common humanity.
C. A classic is a work exploring the new, going beyond the universal, the contemporary, and the notion of a unified human consciousness.
D. A classic is a work that provides access to a universal experience of the human race as opposed to
radically different forms of human consciousness.

Answer: C
Explanation for the Question:

This is a question about the main idea of the paragraph.
Once you identify the main idea of the paragraph correctly, you are sorted.
What is a classic?
A classic is something that is not contemporary, not universal, and not present in different epochs. It is something unique and something which tells me that there are different forms of human consciousness. In the answer options, this is what you need to seek now.
Option A is incorrect as it labels as human experience as unified instead of being diverse.
Option B makes the same mistake of a common unified experience.
Option D again makes the mistake of focusing on a universal experience.
It is only option C that talks about going beyond the universal, the contemporary and unified human consciousness. Thus, it is our right answer.

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