Advice & Advise

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These two common confusable are actually pretty common.
Advice means:
1. A recommended opinion; counsel: “Since this is a medical matter, get a docter’s advice.”
2. Formal or official information about something; intelligence, news, report: “Advice from embassy indicates that we should leave before the war starts.”
REMEMBER: Advice is a noun!
Advise means:
1. To offer an opinion or a course of action; to counsel; to recommend: “I advise you to take a divorce from your nagging wife.”
2. To inform, tell, notify, make known: “The weather report for today did advise us that a trip up the Himalayas could be risky.”
REMEMBER: Advise is a verb! Do not forget this basic difference between these two words.

Usage example that uses both these words: “I advise you to take her advice.”
I advise you to take his advice and increase communication skills.

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