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Among and Between: A subtle difference

Usage of Between:

Between is used for two persons or things.

For Example:
1. Distribute these sweets between the two children.
2. There is a good understanding between him and her.

Usage of Among

Among is used for more than two persons or things.

For Example:
1. The boys were fighting among themselves in the absence of their teacher.
2. Among his friends, John was the most boisterous.

Practice Exercise

Fill in the blank with the appropriate choice.

1. If my new shoes are not ______ those that are being washed, I will wear them to the party tomorrow.
2. The two brothers wanted divided the whole property ______ themselves.
3. She sat ______ her two sisters.
4. The thief quickly disappeared _____ the crowd.
5. _______ the three of us, I don’t think there is one who can climb this mountain.
6. If he has to choose _______ school or picnic, then he will choose picnic every time.
7. Children must attend school _______ the ages of 5 and 16.
8. Jack could hear voices coming from somewhere______ the bushes.
9. We spent a lot of time traveling ______ India and Pakistan.
10. John relaxed, knowing he was ______ friends.

1. among
2. between
3. between
4. among
5. among
6. between
7. between
8. among
9. between
10. among


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