Babble, Babel & Bauble

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Babble means to talk rapidly or at length about things that seem irrelevant or foolish; to jabber or to prattle: “The salesman kept going on with his babble until we shut the door in his face.”
Babel, on the other hand, means tumult, confusion, bedlam, clamor: “The political convention became a babel of conflicting opinions.”
The term Babel comes from the Biblical “Tower of Babel”, the tower which according to Genesis 11:4-9 was started by the descendants of Noah to reach heaven but it was abandoned when God confused the language of the builders into many mutually incomprehensible languages. The city of Babel in Shinar is now thought to be Babylon.
Bauble is a trinket, ornament, usually cheap, or an inexpensive piece of jewelry: “She wore the red bauble that she obtained when she visited the gypsy’s tent at the fair.”

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