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difference between bidding and bidingThe difference is actually not between bidding and biding, it is between bid and bide. The latter means to dwell on something, and hence its usage in the phrase: bide one’s time.

Bide is actually an archaic term now and is not used commonly other than in the phrase given above.

Tool tip to remember the difference :

Just Remember: Bidding comes from ‘bid’ and biding comes from ‘bide’ .

Examples of incorrect uses of bidding and biding:

1. People were amazed to see how a low cost won the biding.
2. He is very honest and law bidding.

Examples of correct uses of bidding and biding:

1. I went their because of her bidding.
2. He was biding his time in the hope for a change.

A Quick Recap:

Bidding means to offer to pay a particular amount of money for something that is being sold: “He plans to stop bidding on his house by making a counter offer.”
Biding means waiting for the right time before doing something: “He is biding his time so that he can enter the bidding process at the right time and stop bidding on his house by making a counter offer.”


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