CAT English Vocabulary: How to approach Vocabulary for CAT-2024?

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CAT English Vocabulary: How to approach Vocabulary for CAT-2024?

This is an important question that might be playing in the mind of some of you. Well, you can relax a little here as we have the answer for this question for you and we will tell you how to approach CAT English Vocabulary.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind while you study vocabulary and vocabulary-related topics is that in the last three years, CAT has not asked a single direct vocabulary question in the exam. What does this mean for you? Should you learn words or not? Should you study synonyms or not? Well, let’s take these issues up one at a time.

CAT English Vocabulary Point-1: Establish your purpose

In case NMAT, IIFT and SNAP are in the list of exams you are targeting this year, then you most definitely need to learn words and go through word lists and solve vocabulary questions. In case you are only preparing for CAT, then you do not need to learn a lot of words directly and can skip practice for vocabulary questions.

CAT English Vocabulary Point-2: Learning words is about more than just solving questions

Though solving questions successfully is a direct outcome of learning new words, there are indirect benefits of learning words as well. For starters, your comprehension improves as your vocabulary bank increases and you begin to feel acquainted with the language. So even though there is no direct relation of vocabulary to CAT (in terms of questions), there is a definite relation with comprehension skills.

CAT English Vocabulary Point-3: How should I approach word-learning?
For starters, we cover more than 1000 important words in Learn Words section. Coupled with this, you can use books for learning words:

The two resources are more than enough for now to kickstart your CAT English vocabulary preparation.

CAT English Vocabulary Point-4: From where should I take tests for CAT Vocabulary?

Well, your search ends here. We have more than enough tests featured here and cover all topics. In fact, you should solve the two daily tests we feature in these prep plans and these provide you sufficient practice for CAT prep.

Head over to our Vocabulary Tests Section to start your Vocabulary preparation for CAT 2024.

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