32 Days to Days: Motivation for the last month

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CAT-2016 Preparation: Motivation for the last month

Ah, we have entered the zone when you might be thinking of quitting CAT-2016 preparation. If you are having these thoughts, this is the exact video you need to see right now:

This is your moment. This is your time. What do you need to do at this moment? You need to stay focused and fight at this moment. Live in the moment and make sure you stick to your plan.

Remember, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. There is a certain degree of obsession you require and to be great, you need to obsess yourself with your goals at this stage.

Put the video above on loop and keep watching

What kind of a plan should you adopt at this stage?
Well, you need to keep things as simple as possible at this stage. Do the following:
1. Cut the faff and give up activities that kill your time.
2. Focus on the process and not the scores. Don’t think about 99.9% percentile; think about the topic you want to improve in.
3. Keep things simple and straight: every question type you improve in, your scores go up.
4. Your goal is to improve your performance every day, one step at a time. Once you make this your goal, preparation look simpler.

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