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Imitate has the following meanings:-
1. To make or to do something the same way as something else: “These days the market is flooded with fake things as many producers imitate the branded items.”
2. To copy another person’s behaviour, sound, appearance, etc.; to follow the example of; to take as one’s model; and to impersonate or to mimic: “The mimic imitated the voices of many actors.”
Intimate has the following meanings:-
1. The most private or personal relationship or being closely acquainted or associated; very familiar: “We have been very intimate friends since our schooldays.”
2. To say or to suggest something in an indirect way; to hint or to imply: “While talking on phone, she tried to intimate that her marriage had soured.”
Intimidate , on the other hand, means to make someone afraid or insecure, to frighten into submission, compliance, or acquiescence: “The police intimidated the witness so much that he changed his statement which favoured the accused.”

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