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Before we get started with why you should join our course for this single feature itself, let me explain to you what the Daily Reads feature is all about.

  • Every morning (Monday to Friday), I curate 4 reading links for our learners. These links are picked up from diverse sources and offer you wide diversity in reading material. Generally, over the course of the week, we cover a diverse set of topics and ensure you are exposed to the kind of passages you would encounter in the exam.
  • We provide you summaries for the all reading links, on a daily basis.
  • Out of the four reading links, we convert one into a practice RC. This way, you get around 250+ additional practice RCs in the course.
  • And to top it all, we open discussions for these articles every evening.


You need Reading Help!

To develop your reading habit, you need as much help as possible. It is easy to say you should read regularly but what exactly should you read? How should you search for CAT-level articles and content? And how do you get the daily motivation to read? This is where we come in: we provide you links, we share them daily with you, and there is a motivational line or two to push you to read. Remember, this happens daily!

Well, what exactly is so special ‘Daily Reads’ section all about?

The aspect which sets these reading links apart is the reading assistance we offer, in the form of doubt solving for these articles. Have a look at some of the screenshots for the discussions that take place for these articles. Remember, these happen on a daily basis.



With the help of these discussions, we clarify the important concepts, ideas, and challenging portions that are part of these articles. Any student who commits himself to this activity on a regular basis is surely going to improve as a reader and expand his knowledge base rapidly.

Summing it up:
Key qualities of our Daily Reads section:

  • This is the perfect example of putting in the hard yards and improving your reading skills by reading on a regular basis. Daily Reads are you Daily Reminder for reading.
  • It is the complete package: Links + Summary Analysis + Practice RC.
  • Most important, we just don’t give you the links: we work with you in explaining the parts of the articles you are not clear with.

And this is the reason why I said right at the start: The Daily Reads section is a reason in itself to join the course.

This wraps up this article detailing our most-loved section.

Well, what are you waiting for? Every day you delay joining this course, you miss a Daily Reads!


*Names have been hidden to protect the privacy of our course learners.


What are you waiting for? Join the CAT-2018 Course now!

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