Knotty & Naughty

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This is one of the easier usage differences that most of us would know. Knotty is related to the word knots. What are knots? Knots are ties and bonds that we get into, if you tie a knot wrong, it takes a lot of time to untangle it. When situations get knotty, it means they have become very complicated and it is hard to get out of them. Naughty, on the other hand, is the simplest possible word. We all have acted naughtily at some point of time or the other, haven’t we?

Tool tip to remember the difference:

Just Remember: When you tie too many knots, you get into a knotty situation.

Examples of incorrect uses of Knotty and Naughty:

1. On a naughty block of wood you’ll need to start your split from the outside edges.
2. The majority of the people engage n some kind of knotty behavior.

Examples of correct uses of Knotty and Naughty:

1. It had some knotty instrumental textures.
2. The naughty boys had an antisocial behavior.

A Quick Recap:

Knotty has the following meanings:-
1. Complicated, possibly without solution: “I am caught in a knotty problem and I’m not finding a way to come out of it.”
2. Pine wood with a large number of knots, used especially for paneling and furniture: “We have fixed up a panel of knotty pine wood on all the four walls to avoid dampness.”
Naughty means disobedience or misbehavior: “The teacher punished the naughty boy for misbehaving in the class.”


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