Primer for Mock CATs

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All of us know the importance of Mock CATs and the reasons why should you be taking them:

Effectively, Mock CATs help you sculpt your exam strategy and provide you vital insights for your preparation.

Why do students avoid Mock CATs?
There are quite of few students who do not understand the importance of Mock CATs and why should they be regularly taking them. The chief reason for this is FEAR OF BAD SCORES.

The most common excuse that students give me when I ask them why are you not taking mock CATs is that they have not covered the whole syllabus. This line of reasoning defeats the whole purpose of mock CATs. Mock CATs are not a marker for syllabus coverage; they are tools to help you refine your test-taking strategy and therefore, it is absolutely essential that you take them. So, if there is anyone who is postponing taking mocks, for this reason, you need to kill this tendency and start taking these practice CAT mocks immediately.

Guru Mantra
The easiest way to kill the fear of mocks is to ask yourself this one question: Who is going to ask for your mock scores next year? No one is going to do that; only your CAT scores matter and therefore, you should not be scared by these scores.

How to use Mock CATs for Motivation?
The above discussion brings me to the second point of discussion: how to use mock CATs for motivation? Just remember the above: mock CATs are essentially irrelevant; these scores are only there to guide you and provide you with a sense of direction for your preparation. These scores do not carry other significance. In fact, you should use tests for motivating yourself. Set a small goal for each test and try to accomplish it. This way, every time you achieve a small improvement, you should feel proud of yourself.

How to analyse Mock CATs?
The next important aspect for Mocks is analysis. It is vital that you analyse every mock you take. Check for the following:

Make sure you take up each of the above to maximise your mock CAT scores and derive maximum value from each test.

How many mocks to take each week?
This is one question that might be plaguing some you. Ideally, you should be taking two to three mock tests per week. Do not over-exert yourself and limit yourself to this number. Remember, analysis of mocks is equally important and takes quite some time. I understand that all of us want to put in the maximum amount of effort but remember, it is extremely vital to channelise that effort as well.

With this, I complete this primer for Mock CATs. Hope you derive significant value from this article and hope to see you here for the next post.

Happy Learning..:)

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