To take CAT-2024 was your decision

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Motivational Tips for CAT Preparation

Well, the ticker for CAT-2024 is well and truly in motion.  This is a critical time for you and some of you might be losing motivation at this stage. You might be questioning your current state of your preparation and whether it was the right decision to prepare for the exam in the first place. In fact, some of you might be considering alternate options. Final year students might be thinking of the jobs they are going to join or some of you might be thinking of giving some other exams.

This is the stage that you need to pause for a second and think: whose decision was it to appear for the exam? It was your decision; you made the call and now is the time to work on your actions and work towards the product you want; work towards the success you wish and desire. Nothing comes easy in life and the when you overcome a challenge, there is nothing sweeter than the reward.

Want to know what I am talking about? Go through this video:

This is what you must be thinking: truth should encourage you to become more than what you are; you need to promise yourself just one simple thing: improvement. Your CAT prep is a product of your decision; your performance is a factor of your effort; your current frustrations are your problems to resolve and it all starts with taking that decision: the decision to excel!

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