Pair, Pare & Pear

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Pair has the following meanings:-
1. Characterized by two of something: “I need an extra pair of shoes as the old ones have lost their sheen .”
2. A partnership of two often engaged in a competition against another partnership of two: ” Ramesh and Usha made a very good pair on the dance floor.”
“Sania Mirza has made a pair with many foreign tennis players.”
Pare has the following meanings:-

1. To diminish, to reduce, or to trim: “This nail cutter doesn’t pare nails anymore.”
2. To remove the outer covering or skin of fruit with a knife or similar instrument: “Instead of fingers please use a knife to pare the oranges.”

Pear on the other hand, means a fruit which is wide at one end (bottom) and coming to a modified point at the other end (top): “There are many pear and apple orchids on the way to Shimla.”

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