Palate, Palette & Pallet

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Palate has the following meanings:-
1. Roof of the mouth which separates the interior of the mouth from the nasal cavity: “Our tongue catches our palate while pronouncing T and D.”
2. The sense of taste, often in reference to a refined or informed sense of taste: “The menu seems to be so tempting that I find my palate wet with saliva.”

Palette has the following meanings:-
1. A thin board upon which an artist mixes paints and which is held when the artist is painting: “The palette in which the child had mixed colors turned turtle and spoiled the bed sheet.”
2. A distinctive quality or use of color in a painting: “Bright colors were typical of M.F. Hussain’s palette.”

Pallet has the following meanings:-
1. A mattress or small, temporary bed: “I had to sleep on the pallet spread on the floor because the beds were occupied by the guests.”
2. A small mechanism in a time piece which ensures the movement of the pendulum: “There is something wrong with the pallet of the clock which has disturbed the rhythmical movement of the pendulum.”

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